Friday, October 3, 2008

Flag Day 2008

Hi Everyone,

Its time to do your part once again.
Our annual Flag Day is here!

Date: 25th and 26th October 2008
Venue: Nativity Church/ St Annes Church
Time: Saturday 3pm to 7.30pm
Sunday 8am to 7.30pm

Individual Schools have your own timeslots.
Consent forms have been given out to respective leaders.
Please find and confirm your allocated timeslot and enjoy yourself while flagging!

We have to raise funds so work it yourself and the harvest would be great if we work as a team!
(Those who are unable to make it, please inform me personally.)
Attendance would be taken as CIP hours will be given accordingly.

Have a great week ahead and those who are studying, work hard.
We'll play hard after the papers. ^-^

God Bless,

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