Monday, September 11, 2006

Hello all! Hope you had a good time during the september holidays. For those who are going through your examinations/mock exams, good luck and God bless!

Today we will talk about the recent suicidal cases that have been occuring within the youth.That's right, it's among us. More teens have been using suicide as a way out. Now as catholics/christians or ANYONE, we all know that suicide is NEVER the way out.
So let us voice out our opinions to this issue, and speak freely! All comments and opinions will be accepted (:. Just email them to .

I know you guys have exams and everything on right now but if you ever do have some free time, do email me your comments by this SUNDAY 17th sep (:.

By the way if you still want those photos and autographs of Dick Su from the movie "Singapore Dreaming" please email the given address.

Well take care everyone! Study hard :D.
God bless, and with lots of love
Your Friendly Publicity.

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Thanks to all those who came down for Power Of Praise, it was an overwhelming experience wasn't it? Get your friends to come next time! It'd be great to see all of you experiencing God to the fullest.

Special thanks to CTK charasmatic team and the Spiritual Commitee.
Also to Daphne and Charles Lim.
You all did a great job (:.

Well, exams are coming people. Study SMART! Take care and good luck, God bless.
Time to pray!

By Your Friendly Publicity.

Famous YCS actor

Dear all,

Please support the movie Singapore Dreaming - one of the leading male actors is our fellow member - Dick Su. (He has written an article in the Golden Jubilee magazine).

By the way, for those who listen to 100.3, in the drama "2530's happiness" - he acted as "ji zai bin" or "chicken buscuit" - a very funny character..

If anyone wants his signature or photo, please let us know - better get it before he becomes too famous...

YCS Alumini
De xiang

Friday, September 1, 2006

Power Of Praise

Hey guys just a quick reminder! Please bring along your bibles tomorrow for the Power Of Praise (:.

See you all tomorrow, take care and have a nice september term holiday.