Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ongaku Matsuri
Date: 3rd March
Time: 1307h
Venue: Catholic High School Auditorium
(9 Bishan Street 22)
Entry by tickets only- $2 each

Ongaku Masutri Rehearsal
Date: 24th Feb
Time: 1100h
Venue: YCS Headquarters

Interview for Rite of Initiation @ Music Fest
For those who have attended more than 10 meetings and have not been initiated

Please come ready to recite the opening and closing prayers, motto and method of YCS. If you meet the requirements, you will be initiated at the Music Festival.

Date: 24th Feb
Time: 1100h to 1400h
Venue: YCS Headquarters

Please call Desiree at 97539962 if you have any queries.

Chairpersons: Please contact Desiree to let her know which members are going for the interview. Thank you.

March Camp
Date: 12-14 March
Gathering Time: 0900h
Venue: St Theresa Church

God bless!
Wan Jin