Sunday, June 3, 2007


Yesterday 2th of June was our AGM or Annual General Meeting where the national and school reports will be made, and electing the national executive committee or exco for the term of 2007/08.

Started slightly off-schedule cause some people were late but I'm sure everyone enjoyed it cause they can meet their friends from other schools after a few months of not seeing each other.

The report made by the schools and the national level inform the members present on what the movement has done for the past year and what they would like to do in the following year. After the reports, it was time for lunch with food catered by some kind guy (you know who you are! (:)

After that it was back to the meeting room for the rite of initiation for some of the members present who fulifiled the requirements to get initiated as full members of YCS. The rite was conducted by Father Henry Siew, the spiritual director of YCS. Then after, we had the election started. The voters had the right to choose the people they would like to pick but at the same time could vote all 8 at once. However, there are 8 positions and 8 nominees so all 8 nominees made the new 45th Exco from mid-2007 till mid-2008
The Old 44th Exco
*Missing from the photo are Amos(training leader) and Elisa(treasurer), Matthew Wong and Oliver Ong quit before this

And now introducing the 45th Exco:

*Missing from the photo are Amos and Denise because they're away

Yup! May the new exco do their jobs well and are able to commit their time and utmost efforts for YCS, and God bless them!!!!