Thursday, December 21, 2006


Camp and caroling are over.. and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! Anyway, I've put up a few pics of camp, taken with my camera, up on the blog. I actually put the wrong link up earlier, so those of you who've clicked on it before may wanna try again? Sorry.

May everyone have a wonderful Christmas.

God bless,
Wan Jin

Saturday, December 9, 2006

End-Of-Year Camp 2006
Date: 9.30am on 11 Dec to 5.00pm on 14 Dec 2005
Venue: Catholic Archdiocesan YouthCentre(For those who know, it's last year location)(former Nativity Church Centre at 2, Lorong Low Koon)
Fees: S$28 (to be collected during the camp itself) Please remember to bring (amongst other regular camp stuff)
Camp fees: ($28), gift for secret buddy, sleeping bag, torchlight, dark-colored clothes, writing materials, track shoes, plastic bags,jacket, bible, water bottle etc.

Christmas Carolling 2006
Date: Saturday 16 Dec
Time: 1pm- 11.30pm
Venue: YCS HQ (at #03-03 Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre)
Note to participant: Please wear the latest YCS T-shirt if you own one
There may be practices before the actual day.

Take care and see you there, God bless.