Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hello all !

Here's another short notice to take note of !
Carolling day is changed to the 15th of December !

Please gather at 1pm at Huisuo !

End of year is round the corner ! :D
Love, Denise (:

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello ladies and gentlemen !
Here's some exciting news you all might want to hear:



* Members(15 years and above) to apply before 15 December 2007
* Shortlisted applicants will be granted an estimated 50% subsidy of the cost of the package to World Youth Day.
* Young people will have the opportunity to meet with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

(Got your eyebrows raised? Read on !:D)


Date: 14-20 July 2008(During school term so please note that students will have to apply leave from school)
Venue: Sydney, Australia
Estimated cost: $1000 (Before subsidy. Includes airfare, meals, transport and accommodation in schools, church hall, or home stay.)

And of course ! Feel free to check it up yourself !
www.wyd2008.org for more details on the event !

Only shortlisted applicants will be notified.
Any enquires? Pick up your cellphone and dial for Daphne at 9385-9340 !

(Please don't go yet !)

One important announcement to be made !
Mission trip to philippines is CANCELLED due to lack of response ! :(

Other than that, God bless !
Truckloads, Denise.

P.S Good luck to all those taking Os ! :D May God guide you !