Friday, July 10, 2009

Exco Camp 09

Hey everyone,

3rd of July was our AGM or Annual General Meeting where the national and school reports will be made, and electing the national executive committee or exco for the term of 2009/10.

Only five got to stay over but the most important thing is that all the exco members and school reps attended the sessions on Saturday.

Basically, we talked about the problems YCS faced and what we could do to solve the problems. We also talked about YCS international and Asia YCS, their goals and how they managed their events so well and on time. We really shared what we have been keeping in our hearts, what (in our opinion) went wrong in YCS.

There was another session in which we write about our fellow YCS exco's weaknesses. It was a great experience yet a painful one as each member find out their weakness. And we really hope that we could improve on it. Hopefully we get to accept it and really work on it!

We also had to write, on a piece of paper, who we respect, who we disrespect, who understand us the most and who does not understand us the most. And we share about it. I was glad that many could share easily.

We also invited a friar over. We wrote (on a huge piece of paper), what YCS means to us. We played sheriads and learn that as message get passed on, it might be different from the original message and that people may get it wrong. We also learn about identifying god's voice. And that sometimes we listen to the wrong voice and stray. The game was that one person is to be blindfolded and his/her team has to tell him/her how to move to each point and the opposing team send two members as distraction.

The friar had a bag of papers. Each with words like Fortitude, Knowlegde, Love and etc. And we prayed that whatever paper we pick, it reads what god feels that we need. It was really a very touching moment. We are glad that he came over as we learned alot from him.

Anyway, the exco camp was really an awesome learning experience for alot of us. And I would like to thank last year's exco for a whole year of service! Wooo! Hopefully we could maintain it or even do better!